Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spongebob part 2

So, the Capaneus scenario with him getting struck by lightning brought back another fond memory of spongebob. Check out this youtube link: its a 16 second video.

I honestly think the spongebob writers just made a Capaneus reference even though the vast majority of their audience would not understand this at all other than the fact that "haha the yellow guy got hit by an ice cream truck". This is one of the reasons that I actually have a lot of respect for the spongebob writers, they'll often include hidden bits of fairly witty humor, but it'll be masked with enough little kid comedy so that they'll think it's funny as well.

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Ross said...

Ah, Spongebob, a place where adult humor can be hidden without any youth's knowledge. But do you know what else the writers have hidden in the show? The seven deadly that is what. Here is a list of the seven main characters of the show and their equivalent sin.

Squidward - Wrath (always angry)
Plankton - Envy (always wants that Secret Formuler)
Greed - Mr. Krabs (loves money-a)
Garry - Gluttony (the gross snail food)
Sandy - Pride (she's from Texas...)
Patrick - Sloth (Sleeps under his rock)
Spongebob - Lust

Alright I know what you are thinking with that last one but here me out. Dante's definition of lust was an "excessive love of others". Which is a characteristic of Spongebob. He even loves Squidward, who absolutely despises him.