Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dante's Pokemon

Y'all. The three beasts in the Inferno are the three legendary beasts of the Johto region in the Pokemon series. Not only do the beasts visually line up to the beasts (Raikou = leopard, Suicune = she-wolf, Entei = lion), but the lore also matches.

The story goes that the three Pokemon were in a monument called the Brass Tower when it was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. A mysterious god-like Pokemon, a fire bird called Ho-oh, resurrected the three Pokemon as the legendary beasts known to the franchise's protagonist. The "divine intervention" of Ho-oh vaguely recalls the appearance of Vergil in the Inferno. Before you call bull, I realize that it doesn't line up exactly. I jut found the similarities compelling.

Also, Suicune, the "she-wolf," is set apart from the other two beasts because it is much harder to catch. It runs away each time you meet it, an interesting inversion of Dante's representation.

Any thoughts?


Sri Korrapati said...

I totally did not see that!
But, I think there is one huge point that I disagree with. The legendary beasts are the opposite of the inferno beasts! God (Ho-oh) brought up these three Pokemon. They are the opposite of sin, representing Divine Love. They match up with the Trinity so well!
Entei -> Power of the Father (Obviously he's the most fierce yet just... Plus it's fire so like Inferno)
Suicune -> Wisdom of the Son (Suicune is always represented as the smartest and most elegant)
Raikou -> Love of the Holy Spirit (Raikou is the least exposed out of these three. It really stood out though in the special Raikou (The Legend of Thunder!) He is shown to care for the electric Pokemon. Also he was temporarily captured by the team rocket members Attila and Hun (Attila the Hun!!). Dante wanted Florence to be the closest thing to heaven on earth right? And Attila the Hun captured Florence right? Okay, it's a little stretched but not impossible.)
And you did say that Suicune running away is the inverse of Dante's she-wolf.
Also, if they were supposed to be sin, shouldn't they have been resurrected by Giratina rather than Ho-oh (the RAINBOW (covenant) Pokemon)?

Ross said...

It is also interesting how, at the beginning of every new journey to become a Pokemon master, Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of one of the tv shows, sees Ho-oh, a legendary and almost god-like being. I see this as a sort of invocation to the Muse at the beginning of an epic as well as a reminder that God is always watching over our lives. Another thing to mention about Ash is that he is eternally ten years old The guy never ages, EVER! It gives off the feeling that everything that has happened to him has occurred in a very short time period (casual parallel to Dante the pilgrim). I also have to agree with Iris on the representation of the there legendary beasts, EMPHASIS on beasts. I agree because there are already examples of a God figure in the series: Arceus, who created all other Pokemon, and, of course, THE ALL-MIGHTY LORD HELIX!