Saturday, October 18, 2014

Music. The Inferno. It's Intense.

I figured the music created based on Dante's Inferno would be pretty awesome, and I was so correct. This symphonic band, composed by Robert W. Smith, plays a roughly seven minute long piece that varies in intensity and features loads of awesome crescendos. The quick changing pace and loud instruments represents the Inferno and all it's fury. The music in the beginning is slow, which directly mirrors the less sinful sinners in the beginning of the Inferno. As the piece continues, the music intensifies and picks up pace, similar to the descent in Hell where the worse sinners are located. The music actually reminds me of music that might be seen in Harry Potter. Anyways, it's really awesome and I think you would all enjoy it!

Here's the link:

Here's Robert W. Smith. He has a soft smile and mustache I thought y'all would enjoy.


Bonnie Cash said...

I mean "This symphonic band, conducted by..." I re-read it and it was bothering me hehe

Isabel Celata said...

The above is the link to the music inspired by Paradiso. I find it interesting that the music makes me imagine a story line, even though I haven't read Paradiso.

The same is true for Inferno. At the beginning, I can just imagine Dante wandering off of the path. When it first starts to get intense, I imagine the leopard, lion, and she wold popping out and being all scary. When the music calms down, I imagine Vergil coming and getting Dante to start his decent. I think it's incredible how much music, even without words, can portray a story.