Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dante's Inferno: the game

So apparently, in 2010, there was a video game version of Dante's inferno that could be played on the Playstation 2. The writers of the video game had probably never even read Dante's inferno, or anything close to a biography of his life. Why am I sharing this, well to be frank, the plot is hilarious. According to the game, Dante fought in the third crusade against Saladin. Once Dante recovered the relic, he was assassinated and death appeared before him and took him down to Hell where he must fight through waves of demons and whatnot. This ever so slightly deviates from Dante's history. First, Dante lived about a century after the third crusade. Secondly He most certainly his journey was not propagated by an assassination where he fought his way through hell. They definitely took some liberties in this game.
Here's dante fighting some demons with the Holy Cross


Ross said...

So funny story....I've actually played that game. Ok, I'm not gonna lie, as a youngin' I thought this was what Dante's Inferno would be like. I can tell you for a fact that Alex is correct, the creators of this game definitely took complete artistic license. The only defense it could possibly have come a change of view - i.e. if we viewed it as art rather than as a narration. While thinking back to the game and studying for our Inferno test, I noticed the interesting portratal of the 9 Levels. You can see that the creators tried to at least keep to this aspect of the epic, as their levels look similar to Dante's. This one defense, however, really is not an excuse to how they butchered the story.

Sri Korrapati said...

To be honest, this game sounds BORING. Imagine this: you are the monsters in each circle, (The Minotaur, Minos, Harpies) and you have to inflict punishment. However, judgement day is approaching, and chaos is spurring all around. The sinners go crazy and try to use their sin against you (the guardian I guess you could say). For example the wrathful, well attack. The soothsayers use magic against you. The fraudulent hide and trick. I guess that nothing would happen in the woods of suicide. They could complain really loudly? In some circles, such as the Heretics, the sinners could have tried to escape. Then you can play as an Angel of God demolishing the City of Dis.
This game would of course end with judgement day, and it will have amazing cutscenes to portray the perfected punishments.