Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dante Comic

When researching, I came upon a funny set of comics done by Hunt Emerson. This particular image shows Dante and Virgil overlooking the wrathful in the River Styx. They're stuck under the surface, filled with rage and trying to breach the surface. The Wrathful were plagued with anger their whole life, and now they're stuck in mud biting and lunging after each other. I think the comic helps explain the scene better and adds a comical side of Dante's inferno. Also, again we see Dante in the cloak and laurel wreath... and Virgil does kinda look like the ghost of Christmas past.


Breuna Westry said...

It's funny that not only are the wrathful spewing curse words, but the symbols used to describe them are an explosion and a skull with a sword stabbed through it. The way that these things happen are through wrathful acts. People create explosions during war and when someone is stabbed it is for the same reason.

Sri Korrapati said...

I really like how they're all together in a blob, mush, or as I prefer to think of it, a mob. Mob mentality is a dangerous think. As a mob, we can let loose powerful emotion. It scares me to think of the mob at One Direction Concert (I'm calling you girls out). We can see the dangers of a mob in The Lord of the Flies. They, as a mob, release powerful rage and all share the same emotion. That's when they kill Simon, and that's what led to the death of Piggy. Sorry for the spoilers!!! But yeah, the mob amplifies the anger.