Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lover vs. Warrior

On page 1077 of Norton, the question "Can one be a full hearted lover and a loyal warrior?" is posed when talking about literature of the Middle Ages; however, I think the question is established earlier on into the works of Virgil and Sophocles. Aeneas, a noble warrior, must abandon Dido soon after their "official" nuptials. He knew his duty, and he to fulfill it to the best of his ability. He had to chose between being a warrior and being a full lover, even though the choice he chose perhaps wasn't his ideal choice. In addition, Oedipus must battle the difficulties of loving his mom and being loyal to his city. Though he loved his wife, unfortunately his mom, he cannot handle the guilt he feels for sleeping with her. He also promised Thebes that the murder would be exiled. In order to stay loyal to his city, he had to fulfill his own prophecy.  

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