Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The RED ants (punpunpunpunpunpunpun)

Talking about the productive efficiency of bees in class today made me think of a theory of mine. Ants make up one of the most perfect communist societies. Think about it, even though there's technically a queen of the colony, every ant is on the same level as one another in the ant hierarchy. They all work together getting the same amount of food and all work for a common goal without any ant trying to get ahead of another one. Ant society seems incredibly communistic in this regard to me, what do y'all think?


Sri Korrapati said...

So ant queens are cray... just saying
To stay in power they sometimes act against the well being of the colony.
"Queen ants will do whatever it takes to be the last one standing, even if it means producing fewer young workers to the detriment of the collective."
"But there is always give and take, with individual survival sometimes trumping the good of the group, the research found."
When there is more than one queen, the worker ants attack and kill the excess queens (sometimes they are in such a frenzy they kill all, but that means there is no one fertile to continue the species)
"They produce fewer workers when other queens are around, because productivity comes at a cost. Producing a larger brood zaps energy from the queen, leaving her with less fighting power to defend against murderous worker ants."
"The worker ants weren't fooled, however, as they could sniff out a selfish queen"
So Communism?
What does that say about government, dictatorship, and human nature parallel?

Iris Mire said...

I guess the real question is are ants representative of the communist ideal or the communist reality? According to Sri's theory, I would probably say more reality than ideal but what do y'all think?