Saturday, October 18, 2014

MORE RENT YAY! (Also chance and fate)

Please forgive my second Rent-based post of the day. I'm having withdrawals from the show and feel a need to talk about it constantly. I've also been waiting to post this post until after the show was over because I didn't want to spoil the show for the class.

Please watch from 0:35-1:48:

The above video is Mark singing while he's at Angel's funeral on Halloween. He's contemplating how he even got to the place he's at in his life. Then he remembers - it was Christmas Eve the previous year. That Christmas Eve was the night that their group - Mark, Rodger, Mimi, Angel, Collins, Maureen, and Joanne - came together. It was the night that all of the events took place that brought them together. Mark sings, "Why did Mimi knock on Rodger's door and Collins choose that phone booth back where Angel set up his drums? Why did Maureen's equipment break down?" Was this series of events, and the others that lead to their group coming together, chance or fate?

This reminds me of the part in The Unbearable Lightness of Being where it talks about all of the "happenings" that lead to Tomas and Tereza meeting. Throughout the novel, Tomas and Tereza question whether they have to be together of if they could exist separately. Did they meet by chance or did they meet by fate?

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Breuna Westry said...

Isabel I was thinking about this every night backstage when this verse was sung. Mark finally questioning why everything happened opens up "Goodbye Love", the song we sing to say that we were parting our ways. Mark is trying to get us to see that it was our fate that we were all together and we shouldn't leave each other, but it was as if we couldn't see reason anymore. Our wants and anger were put over our fate.