Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Devil Is A...Child!!

I think that it is interesting how culture has changed the viewing of the devil. The devil is someone to be feared. When we did our art projects the devil was a creature with multiple faces, horns and large wings. Yet people dress their young children up in costumes to represent the devil. Have we become desensitized to the idea of the devil? Does this teach youth that he is less evil than we originally thought?

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Ross said...

Speaking of effects on children, I find it interesting how much Disney has been involved on children's strange view points. For example, in 1949 Disney actually came out with a kind of comic book called the Topolino. This comic was a Mickey interpretation on Dante's Inferno, which is actually displayed on the cover of the Topolino. Considering that Disney is a company devoted to children's entertainment, the fact that they would parody such a serious book. Here is the image of the front cover of the Topolino.