Monday, September 15, 2014

Thoughts from an airport

As I sit in the Charlotte airport while my plane is delayed, I decide, "heckadoodle foo, I'll make a blog post." So now, I'll do a tad of musing on the scenes I'm witnessing on the airport. *PSA this doesn't really relate to Oedipus or greeks but instead life in general - but if I can find a contrived way to reconnect it to these things I'll do it but as of now I'm just kinda writing so here goes:

1) I find airport lobbies INCREDIBLY odd and I suppose this is true for most of society today, but wow - I have never seen so many white earbuds. Every single person here is plugged into their music and disconnecting from society. It's funny because as a group of people heading to New Orleans, one would think we'd be able to make small talk and such for an hour or two, but no. Instead I am confronted by a sea of wired in robots listening to music.

2) People really like their Starbucks. Like quite literally 75% of the people waiting here all have Starbucks cups which seems odd since it's fairly late at night but oh well, I suppose pumpkin spice lattes are only here for a little while so enjoy them while you can.

3) I really wish people traveled on planes the way they used to. This may seem idyllic, but I think the flight would be a much friendlier atmosphere if everyone wore nicer clothes to travel in. Like are they really THAT much more uncozy? I mean I know leggings and sweatpants are quite comfy but I don't know, I think a nice sophisticated airport would be chill. I'm still kinda dressed nicely from my interview and it's actually not bad at all. Plus when you dress nice, you feel nice.

4) Just remembering something from not-Louisiana: Did y'all know it's fall up north? Like I thought it was still summer and when I got to Cleveland I was wearing a very fall fashion outfit and thought I'd stick out a little, but to my delight fall was in full swing there and it actually was already slightly chilly up there.

5) I'm still thinking about trying to tie this into the greek thingy, maybe the chaos surrounding the rush of the airport contrasting to the order of the airport as a whole unit?

6) Did y'all know Chattanooga has an airport?

7) You know what bothers me? Apparently in Cleveland, instead of saying y'all they say yous... I don't think I'm okay with that

8) Like seriously? They have the AUDACITY to make fun of us for saying y'all and sounding "uneducated and improper" but they say yous....are they for real?

9) Oooh oooh oooh isn't Hermes the greek god of travel? I can do something relating to Hermes - that's Greek! research, research, research: okay so apparently there is a debate that King Cyllene was actually Hermes in Oedipus Rex so that's kinda cool

10) well I'm still sitting here and I'm all out of musings for a bit - Long live American Airlines


Iris Mire said...

Alex, I applaud your presumably caffeine and adrenaline-fueled rant. For the sake of organization, I will respond point by point:

1) Recall Less Than Zero by Ellis. "People are afraid to merge on freeways in Los Angeles."

2) As a coffee addict and someone who can't sleep on planes, I entirely understand why one would ingest high amounts of caffeine late at night in order to make the flight productive rather than awkward and restless.

3) Clearly you have no idea how difficult and uncomfortable it can be to wear a skirt on a plane.

4) Can you bring fall back with you? Please?

5) Definitely contrived on my part but airports got me thinking about the idea of chance v. fate and all the chance/fateful encounters one makes at the airport. The whole romance of the chance or fated meeting of soul mates is total rom-com fodder. Fate and chance definitely relate to divine will in Oedipus.

6) No, I didn't.

7) That's gross.

8) Why did you separate list items 7 and 8. They could have easily been put together as item number 7. THAT bothers me. (However, I agree with your basic point. It is audacious and wrong.)

9) That sounds like an interesting theory. Where did you find that? I'd like to read more.

10) Please do another rant like this. I'm having fun.

Bonnie Cash said...
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Bonnie Cash said...

Iris and Alex,

1) I can confirm that people in Los Angeles are ACTUALLY AFRAID TO MERGE on freeways. Like literally. My mom said that in the car. Those words. She doesn't know Less than Zero. It's an actual thing there. They even have lights entering the freeway to stagger merging. IT'S A THING.

2) Agreed, Pumpkin Spice Lattes the bomb dignity, which is why I had one this morning. I also flew back at 10 at night to Dallas, and I surly wanted coffee. It keeps you going until you can awkwardly pass out on the plane next to a random person (0/10 would recommend)

3) I agree with Iris. I wore jeans and a v-neck and my jacket on the flight, which was comfortable. But when you're sitting in a crammed seat next to a crying baby and a guy that won't stop coughing, you want to curl up to help cope. Comfy clothes for the win.

4) Yeah definitely bring fall here. I've already prematurely bought boots and scarves...

5) Today we kind of touched on college essays and being authentic. I've often noticed that airports are home to some of the most authentic interactions. You can leave someone for 2 years, or see someone after two years. Again, this kinda brings in the whole rom-com fodder Iris was talking about. I happen to quite enjoy rom-coms so I like authentic airport interactions and classic airport "chase to catch the person at the gate to tell them your emotions" movie scenes.

6) What even is a Chattanooga. It sounds like a train horn. Kidding, but now I know Chattanooga has an airport.

7) Yous? That makes me really uncomfortable. Chattanooga doesn't need an airport.. we don't need "yous" spreading.

8) I'm sure they're fo'real (you have to say it this way)

9) I agree with Iris! Make another blog post with information about that.

10) I flew American too. Long live American Airlines. Despite they're really crummy wifi service, they did provide me with a TV to watch The Avengers during my travels (10/10 would recommend).

11). What i'm adding another this is CHAOS. but yeah I like these rants!