Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oedipus T-REX

Well, well, well I looked up Oedipus Tyrannosaurus Rex because I thought it'd be funny and boom: this -

I loled preeeeetty hard at this but this is about to get serious: (Insert dramatic music):

The T-Rex in this comic was vindicated from his wrongdoings of smashing houses and almost killing the little girl simply by asking for forgiveness and realizing his past wrongdoings. This is a very christian {read protestant reformation} philosophy simply by receiving forgiveness for forgiving yourself and realizing your misdemeanors. Oedipus obviously did not do that and went all the way and ya know...gouged his eyes out - a very drastic action if you ask me. What do y'all think this really reveals about greek life and cultural norms? It reminds me a lot of being prideful to the point of Sepuku like the samurais in Japan. What do y'all think?

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Ross said...

I agree that Oedipus took rather excessive measures when it came to his own punishment. I think that this act was influenced partly by Greek culture but also by Oedipus's own unique personality. In Greek culture, avenging the death of one's father (if their were murdered, of course) was completely normal. The Greeks saw it as the son's personal duty to punish the murderer, so Oedipus's action was actually appropriate... kinda. Oedipus himself was also a very harsh, excessive person. He himself said that the murderer should be punished in the worst possible way, not knowing the he was that murderer.