Friday, September 26, 2014

Oedipus Complexes and today's pep ralley

I don't know about y'all, but throughout the entire uncomfortable pep rally today all I could think about was Oedipus Complexes. 

Quick recap:
  • Football moms come out and dance around their sons, the senior football players
  • Football moms tell their children to take off their shirts
  • All football players have undershirts on
  • Oh wait, they have to take those off too
  • The football moms put bibs on the football players
  • The football moms put diapers on their children
  • Football moms proceed to deck their sons out in baby attire 
  • Football moms have their sons sit in chairs and blindfolded
  • Football moms all proceed to kiss their sons on the cheek
  • Football players get creamed in the face with a pie
It sounds weird, but it was even weirder to watch, especially with lower schoolers around. Overall consensus: it was an awkward, Oedipus-like pep rally. 


Bonnie Cash said...

The Oedipus Complex touches on the fact that boys desire coitus (bazinga)with their mother or to replace their father. During the cheerleader kiss portion of the pep rally, Will Dean turned to kiss his cheerleader on the lips. It was his mom. It was really awkward for all of us to see. ANYWAYS, did Will subconsciously know it was his mom? Oedipus would argue yes. Will would argue no. But it probably made Friday night dinner very strange for him.

P.S, Isabel.. *Rally

P.P.S Comments on the humanities blog stay on the humanities blog.

Breuna Westry said...

Will Dean was just trying to explain to his mother the fact that he loved her. Maybe he should take the Oedipus route and gouge his eyes out.

msking said...

I love these posts! Thanks for making me laugh on a dreary Sunday morning.

Iris Mire said...

I agree with Bre. Also, Izzy, you weren't the only one who was thinking about Oedipus the whole time. There was a subsection of seniors (myself included) who started chanting "Oedipus! Oedipus!" during the football moms' part. And Bonnie, thank you for highlighting one of my favourite moments of senior year thus far. A little bit of Oedipus goes a long way.