Saturday, September 27, 2014

Medea and Oedipus Comparison.. pt.?

In Oedipus, the Chorus claims that whoever leads without concern for consequences should be brought down by the Gods. Medea, on the other hand, considers the consequences of her actions... which include killing her children, Kreon and his daughter... yeah. Anyways, perhaps this is why she is not brought down by the Gods. The Chorus explicitly says that powerful people who DON'T consider consequences should be brought down. Medea ponders the outcomes of her actions. Perhaps this is why she succeeded in her plans and flew away on a dragon chariot #pimpedride


Sri Korrapati said...

Well, another key difference in my opinion is that Medea is a little more justified than Oedipus. Oedipus killed random people on the street, Medea acted out of her love for Jason caused by Aphrodite's son Cupid. Both of these stories contain much divine intervention: the prophecies in Oedipus and the love Medea has for Jason. I would argue that these divine interventions were the reasons for these tragedies in the first place.

Ross said...

Another difference comes from Oedipus' role of a tragic hero compared to Madea's role of not being one. Oedpus made an error in judgement when he decided to kill the people who wronged him on the road, and this error caused his downfall inevitably. Madea, on the other hand, has full consciousness of her actions during the entirety of the play, so there is no error in judgement. Plus Madea does just say "Peace y'all I'm outta here!" and then fly away on her dragon chariot thing. BTW Bonnie I totally agree #pimpdrive