Saturday, September 27, 2014

Leisure and How to Spend Time

So yesterday in class we talked about some Roman ideas of how to spend time. Specifically #YOLO/Carpe Diem. I find this topic interesting because I feel sometimes that I control how fast time can move. When I'm waiting for a game to come out *cough cough Super Smash Brothers 4* time can move very slowly. However, time moves quickly when I'm busy with school and have a lot of work. Procrastinating can also change perspective of time as well. At first it prolongs time, but as the inevitable due date of the assignment approaches, it feels like I've fast forwarded time. When I prolong time I feel that I'm wasting it. I can't make super smash bros come out any faster than I can make myself fly "Over the Moon" (shameless RENT reference). However when I'm busy I feel that time goes faster and faster and that it's running out, but it's spent effectively. What's better? Slowing down time and savoring what was or will be or using time effectively at the cost of time? I'm not trying to sound like a 100 Years of Solitude I swear


Ross said...

Your post relates to the writing by Seneca that we read in class yesterday. Seneca thinks that the wasting time is more detrimental in the long run because it makes our time on earth feel short. This is why he believes that everyone should live to their fullest potential and create works of art from their lives. This is why he uses the quote "life is short, art is long". By living our lives to the fullest we can create art and thus prolong our time on earth, theoretically, and leave a lasting memory of our existence.

Breuna Westry said...

Reading Seneca I felt a strong connection with it. I do feel at some times that people are focusing on the wrong things and therefore waste their lives, but sometimes you want to worry about the future. So I think a balance about thinking about the present past and future is the way to go.