Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pergamon vs. Athens

Does anyone else think that the primary goal of the Pergamese culture was to make fun of the Athenian one?
   Pergamese: oh you think you are cool with your tiny frieze all the way at the top of your building? And your columns that actually serve a structural purpose? Ha! We've got an innovative SEVEN-FOOT TALL frieze where our people can actually see it! AND we have columns for aesthetic purposes.. They don't do much.
Oh? What's this? You've got a fancy-shmancy temple for Athena? We have one, too, AND our main temple is dedicated to Zeus. ZEUS.
Your street grid is disorganized, so we made it better. Your acropolis is on a tiny little hill; ours is practically on a mountain by comparison.
Were y'all really so depressed that you couldn't put even a LITTLE bit of emotion into your sculpture? I mean for the gods' sakes the your kouroi look so.. stony
And while your "democracy" is cute, we have semi-divine kings.

*Athenian whimpers away*

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