Saturday, September 27, 2014

Comparing my own expressions with those of Discobolus

I would just like to emphasize the error in Myron's thinking when he gave Discobolus a calm face (or to highlight his juxtaposition of the struggle of athletics with the serenity of art). If anyone has seen a picture of me running, you know they're bad. Alex has some decent ones, but mine are atrocious. Let's have a comparison between me and the 'ole Discus Thrower:
I look insane. He looks like he's having a grand time.

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Iris Mire said...

This picture is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. This is a great example of how a real athlete looks when exercising. Especially notice the difference in expressions. Look at Joe's face then look at the stony (haha) visage of the Discobolus. Real athletes have to breathe.