Thursday, September 18, 2014

The siege of Tyre

So guys, I just thought I'd share this little tidbit of history with y'all. Y'all might already know this, but Alexander the Great was 100% complete unadulterated pure awesome. When he was out doing the whole conquering thing he stumbled upon the city state of Tyre and found out that darn, islands with walls surrounding its entire perimeter were kinda hard to take over. So what he did was he built A FREAKING LAND BRIDGE TO THE ISLAND SO HE COULD SIEGE IT. He quite literally told  his soldiers to take tons of dirt and poor them in the ocean until they built a land bridge. This is quite possibly to coolest thing to ever be done by a general to capture a city and if anyone else has a cooler story than I would love to hear.

War and no love,
Alexander the aspiring


Iris Mire said...

1) That is what I call dedication.
2) I thought you called yourself "Alexander the Decent"?

Isabel Celata said...

I would like to argue that the very well known story of the fall of Troy is better than this. The Greeks were like "We're so sorry for all the trouble we've caused you, Troy! Take this large hollow horse that definitely doesn't have any of our soldier inside of it into your gates as a truce!" and the Trojans were all "Sounds like a great idea!" And then boom, Greeks exit the horse and night and destroy Troy. That totally tops the capture of Tyre.