Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Quote I thought I 'd Share

I came upon this quote in my notes from last year when I read my Independent Study, Reading Lolita in Tehran. I loved this book, and when I saw this quote, it really reminded me of how important it is to keep this idea in mind when reading fiction. Particularly in One Hundred Years of Solitude, it reminded me of how important it is to not always rely solely on our perception of reality and the power and role that fiction has. I felt that I really came to understand this quote when I read One Hundred Years of Solitude. I think that it is a beautiful quote and something to keep in mind throughout this year and on.

"Do not, under any circumstances, belittle a work of fiction by trying to turn it into a carbon copy of real life; what we search for in fiction is not so much reality but the epiphany of truth." - Azar Nafisi

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