Saturday, September 13, 2014

Abnegation and Plato's Allegory

I know I've already made a book reference, but I thought... why not post another? So in the Divergent series, there are four factions: Candor, Erudite, Dauntless and Abnegation. Abnegation means self denial, and that's how those who live in Abnegation live their life. I just made a small connection to the book during class that I thought I would share. The Abnegation run the government, simply because they don't want power. This reminded me of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, which explains that those who don't desire power are the best to run the government. They have seen the dark and the light in their city, and beyond, making them perfect candidates to make decisions and run the government. Those who have a thirst for power, Erudite, make poor candidates for running society, causing havoc between the factions. Anyways, I won't spoil anything! The series is REALLY REALLY good and I would recommend the books to anyone!

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