Saturday, September 13, 2014

Discussion About Form

So in class the other day we had a discussion on form and I found a similarity between form and Nietzsche’s eternal return. Now I know what you are thinking, “we have already discussed eternal return ad nauseum, what else is there to say?” Well humor me for a little while so I can ramble. When speaking about form we discussed how, according to Plato, form is often the only constant found in a universe of constant change. This very much reminded me of eternal return. In eternal return life repeats itself and there is no difference between what happened and what will happen. This consistency of life is like that of form, which is ultimately real. This was just a thought I had during class and I would enjoy everyone’s input.

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Isabel Celata said...

If we are assuming that The Theory of Eternal Return is true, then there must be alternate universes in which the exact same thing is happening as is happening here in our universe. If this is true, then the Forms that Plato speaks of that exist here must also exist there. It is cool to think about a completely alternate universe that has the same archetypes/Forms as we do. I find it so intriguing that my mind could work in somewhat the same way as someone in an alternate universe.