Saturday, January 9, 2016

What do you think will happen to the Underground Man?

            So far, the Underground Man’s life has been nothing but despair. He wastes all his time trying to control others, which is an unhealthy goal that amounts to nothing for him. When he finally finds Liza, the person whom he can abuse, it turns out that she is much stronger and more stable than he is. This makes the Underground Man finally burst out with insecurity, and he seems helpless in his mental issues. What do you think will be the final resolution in the story? Will the Underground Man find happiness (and would it be with Liza)? Will he commit suicide or finally provoke someone enough for them to murder him? Or would the story amount to some other ending?


Antonio Imbornone said...

I think that the underground man will die, just like everyone else in the world. Die after living a lonesome life with no absolution or accomplishment. Just like everyone who came before him, the Underground man will die and be forgotten, will not reach happiness.

master123 said...

Say his liver is failing, then yes he will die probably sooner than others, and it will all be his own negligence. UM's crippling counciousness will inevitably result into his own demise, and I won't feel bad for him.