Thursday, January 14, 2016

50 shades of baudelaire

I find it interesting that Baudelaire is consumed with the grotesque and socially unacceptable ideals of Romanticism. I feel as if his and Poe’s erotic poetry would have been viewed as the “50 Shades of Grey” of the Romantic period. Baudelaire, who was totally okay with the full frontal nudity in art, was rebuked for disrupting the harmony of prim and proper society. Today’s culture has similar views of those who expose themselves in photos, online, etc. However, many view it as artwork as Baudelaire did. Things were definitely getting more raunchy during this time in literature and artwork, similar to today’s changing culture.


Belin Manalle said...

This is a very good point Jaclyn. Le Fleurs du mal and 50 Shades of Grey definitely have a lot in common. Their bold and controversial subject matter easily captured the attention of the people during their given eras. However, since our modern time period is much more accepting of these topics, 50 Shades of Grey was much more of a success and given a lot more positive attention than Le Fleurs du Mal. Le Fleurs du Mal definitely received attention but most of it was due to the extreme topics covered throughout the piece and most people criticized that. In fact, Baudelaire and his publisher were prosecuted because of these subjects. E.L. James definitely had some criticism but also a lot of praise.

Ashley Bossier said...

I think it is strange that you brought this up Jac. Think about how accepting we are now of Baudelaire's writings, almost every poem or book has some sexual connotation. Think about in 100 years every movie/ book is like 50 shades. It was so crazy and new back then, but now it is just accepted by everyone. I know some people who aren't allowed to read 50 Shades because their parents think it is too sexual. I bet that is exactly how it was back in the 19th century. I am really happy you made this comparison because it puts everything in perspective for me.