Saturday, January 16, 2016

My weirdest dream

So in class we mentioned that the dreams we have mean a lot about us and the things we suppress usually come out in dreams. So can someone please explain this one to me. When I was younger I had a dream that I was on the levee, something very typical of my family at the time. I was taking a walk alone and a man started following me. This man had on glasses, a hat, and a ski mask. I started running from him. The next time i looked back, he was riding an ostrich! I remember this dream vividly because i woke up scared out of my mind. I just really hope this never happens to me because the dream didn't end well.

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Jack Zheng said...

While I can't interpret your dream, I find it really interesting that most of our dreams are forgotten in seconds after we wake up, making us think that we didn't dream at all, and meanwhile, we have some really vivid dreams that we remember for the rest of our lives.