Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Father's Job

I think that Gregor's father's new job fits his personality very well. As someone who has been unsuccessful at business and leeching off his son for five years, he picks up a job as a security guard at a bank. His domineering attitude and desire for control over others, combined with his violent tendencies, make him someone who would murder his own son. He seems to desperately want to be the head of the family and to compensate for his ineptitude in being such. I speculate that being a security guard could potentially feed his ego, so he clings onto that bit of satisfaction and refuses to take off his uniform at home.

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master123 said...

I know that usually the man of the house is the one who makes the big bucks for the family. In Gregor's case, I feel that even though he is the bread winner he is not the head of the family his father still is. My reasoning is that Gregor's father is still controlling him by making Gregor feel guilty and therefor Gregor is wasting his life by working his butt off for his manipulating father. Jack, like you said his father is obsessed with control and controls Gregor's life. Gregory's father is like the queen ant and Gregor is the busy servant.