Friday, January 15, 2016

DREAMS with Sigmund Freud

Blue Mountain State, the cinematic excellence of our generation, has a character who hosts a show about Dreams. His name is Radon Randell (see clip below).

This section on Freud and the interpretation of dreams reminded me of Radon's show. He had people call in and explain their dreams, then he would interpret them and give them advice. Radon is no Freud, however, he was able to hilariously analyze people's self conscious, similar to Freud. He used similar methods to Freud, but was not nearly as accurate!!

Please enjoy this picture I made of Radon Freud.


master123 said...

Additionally, Freud's dream analysis may not be as accurate as you've suggested. Most modern psychologists concur that though Freud made important progress in the study of psychology, his methods shouldn't be used today. The most popular theory behind dreams and why they occur is known as the Activation Synthesis theory. This theory hypothesizes that dreams are our brains way of rationalizing and organizing our every day lives. However, the Activation Synthesis theory is just that, a theory. Psychologists are still not completely sure about the purposes and meanings behind dreams, but most can agree that dreams are not the symbolic messages from the unconscious that Freud proposed.

Belin Manalle said...

Anastasia makes a good point. Some people thought of Freud's interpretations as ridiculous as we think of Radon's dreams. Maybe not as extreme because Freud definitely had a purpose behind his evaluations. However, he didn't have much hard proof to base these ideas off of in order for people to understand his reasoning. So it might as well be as crazy as anyone saying what a dream means.