Saturday, January 23, 2016


I hate being bored. I see where Bourdelaire got all of his anger for his poem from. When I'm bored all I do is eat and this kills me. This poem talks about how boredom is the reason for all of the bad things in the world and I can see why. When people are bored they do things just to entertain themselves. Personally, I snack but some other people do things like start drama for no reason. They will go around and pick fights with people because they are "bored." People have started using boredom as an excuse for their actions. I know eunni does not exactly mean boredom but I enjoyed this translation because I could relate to it. 

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Jac said...

Boredom is definitely the most easily consuming "sin" as Baudelaire would say. With boredom comes the urge to get into things that one should not be doing. If one were to remain busy, there would be no time to feel sorry for one's self or to let their inner demons reign supreme. With boredom comes hypocrisy, apathy and other vices, as Baudelaire points out by calling the reader his "hypocrite brother" in his poem. Baudelaire is trying to warn the reader of the harm caused by idleness.