Saturday, January 30, 2016


During my search for Gregor's true species, I stumbled upon a few Twitter accounts. The accounts are parody accounts for poor little Gregor. The tweets include things like "Feels like I might disappear all together," "I hardly even feel the decayed apple in my back," and "Maybe now they'll let me turn around." It's comical and entertaining. While going through the profile, I got reminded of Henri the cat's poor and somber attitude with the world. Just thought everyone should see.

@_gregorsamsa on Twitter


Jac said...

As you know, I absolutely love twitter. Parody accounts are my favorite. I actually went and looked at the account you posted, and this is so funny!! The posts on the account are made as if they were really living Gregor's life. He talks about how he wonders if his family will let him turn around, wonders when the dust will consume him, etc. I really liked the profile picture and the other pictures in the "media" section. I think we should do a project like this!!

Jack Zheng said...

I think if I had seen this Twitter account it would have made me extremely upset in reality. I know that Gregor is a fictional character and his roach transformation was also fictional but it hurts my heart:( He has always tried to do the best he could for his family and as soon as he needs them for something they couldn't care less about him. Throughout reading this novella I was so sympathetic towards Gregor the whole time and I'm sure his emotional tweets would probably move me to tears.

-Belin Manalle