Saturday, January 16, 2016

Baudelaire, Poe, and Netflix

Based on our recent readings on Baudelaire and his biography. I found Baudelaire's fascination with Edgar Allan Poe, I thought it would be interesting to blog about a small Poe connection that I've made.  I watch a show on Netflix called One Tree Hill. It is about a high school basketball team and all the drama that comes with high school students. The schools's mascot is the Raven. I never thought of any connection to Poe with the school until one episode in season two. Before a basketball game, instead of shouting "1,2,3, Ravens!" the team put their hands in the middle and proclaimed. "Ravens, when are we gonna lose? NEVERMORE!" I was mind blown. I gathered my family and showed them my connection (I had to explain Poe's poem "The Raven"). I just thought everyone would find this interesting.


Abbey said...

Poe died in Baltimore, Maryland. Maryland's NFL team is known as the...BALTIMORE RAVENS. #themoreyouknow

Antonio Imbornone said...

Another netflix show with Poe's influence is The Following. The protagonist, Ryan Hardy, is a detective in pursuit of the renowned serial killer and cult leader, Joe Carrol. Carrol was an English Professor, writer, and poet, who much like Baudelaire, was absolutely taken by Poe's work. He models his writings off of Poe and often quotes the poet in his addresses to his many followers. In the show, Carrol models his elaborate murders off of Poe's dark poetry. The image of the Raven is prevalent throughout the 3 seasons of the show.