Saturday, January 30, 2016

Just what kind of Bug was Gregor

In class the other day, we talked about my search for the exact type of beetle Gregor transformed into.   I searched "Beetle Species common in Prague," "Beetles with lots of small legs," "What kind of Beetle was Gregor Samsa," etc.  I came across multiple species of roaches and beetles. The beetle that I found to be closest to Kafka's beetle was the Scarab. A beetle that has a jaw-like adaptation, and smaller legs. I  eventually realized that Kafka probably just made up his own beetle/cockroach creature, embodying all of the traits that we see in The Metamorphosis. The Scarab doesn't exactly fit the description, but I thought it wa pretty darn close.


Cheyenne Dwyer said...

I also believe that Gregor is a fictional type of bug that embodies all the stereotypical bug qualities. I think that the author did not choose a certain type of bug, but rather one he made up himself that has all of the traits that are identifiable as bug and make the story more intriguing. We looked at a lot of bugs, and now we found had a smooth hard shell and a ton of little tiny legs. We did find, however. Very many Gregor fans, and even a Twitter dedicated to role playing as him. It was weird. Nonetheless, I find it more interesting that Gregor is a made up bug rather than one I actually know. Not only does it leave more to the imagination, but in a way it allows Gregor to be more human by being an individual.

Jack Zheng said...

That's a good point, if Gregor is a bug unlike any other bug, he would have more individuality than mindless insects. Since he has been working indifferently in a bureaucracy and sacrificing his personal life for the family, he has been losing his humanity long before waking up one day as a bug. But after turning into a bug, Gregor appreciates human interaction and communication more than ever. But the family's neglect makes him lose his will to live, and he eventually dies without anyone noticing until the house cleaner checks on him.