Thursday, September 17, 2015

Who Does This Guy Think He Is?

Thespis, as the class learned, was a man who lived during the 6th century B.C. The classes learned that Thespis was a member of the Chorus in ancient Greek drama, but Thespis did something magical, he stepped away from the chorus and took on the role of an actor. Upon first hearing this story, I was thinking one this sounds made up and two if the story is factual then Thespis must have been really full of himself to walk out of some play writes choir and add his own twist. I went surfing the web to find out if Thespis was a real man. I found that he was and was the 1st documented winner of the Great Dionysia festival in 534 B.C. He was a play write himself and was apart of his own chorus and had planned to break away form the chorus. Thespis was a real rule breaker, but for the better, because without Thespis western theater could be completely different.

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Belin Manalle said...

This is such a bold move in my opinion and I'm sure it was in that time period as well! He probably got a lot of strife for being so daring as to just separate himself from everyone else. This kind of reminds me of what we're learning about in religion right now actually. Joseph always told his brothers these dreams he had about him being very powerful and them basically bowing down to him. As a result of this, his brothers got mad and sold him into slavery where with God's help, he eventually became very powerful because he could interpret dreams. Joseph ends up later saving his brother's lives by giving them food during a famine. Just as Joseph changed his brother's lives in a major way, Thespis changed all of our lives in a major way as well. He completely changed the idea of theater to move a step in the direction of theater as we know it now! Because he separated himself like Joseph he was able to majorly impact history and our lives.