Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Yesterday in class Ms. King brought up the new show on Netflix called Narcos. I watched this show within two days, it was so good. The show is about the Medellin drug cartel and its infamous leader Pablo Escobar. The show focuses on America's DEA's involvement with the drug cartel and explains how they went about defeating each drug lord. I personally got into this show because I had no real knowledge about the drug cartel or any of the people in it. While reading reviews of the show it came across that the people who actually hunted down Pablo Escobar helped make the show. When Ms. King brought up the show, Mrs. Quinet mentioned that Gabriel Garcia Marquez worked as a journalist during the time of the drug cartel. I looked this up because I was very intrigued. It turns out that Marquez actually wrote a story about it called "News of a Kidnapping." If you're interested in the show you should watch it, and here is the link describing what his book is about.

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