Saturday, September 19, 2015

How to: Go down in history

During our studies of history, and reading blog posts, specifically abbeys about unreliable history, ive realized that the best way to go down in history is to be an author. Almost all of what we know about the past is from the study of old writing . Such as how everything that we know about Socrates is based on the writings from Plato, and how we know next to nothing about the dark ages because no one wrote down anything. Whatever the accepted writing for the time is, is what delegates what this time will be referred to as by historians of the future. In theory, we could write something different from the truth and it would be accepted as the way of the world during our time. If for some crazy reason, the only thing the future people had of this time was the twilight series, they would think we were pretty messed up. (which we kinda are) So I believe that the best way to truly make your mark on the world is to become an influential author whose work will go down in history. Because anything else would only be those achievements how one person chose to write them, if they even chose to write about it at all. So in response to Kundera- its only meaningful if someone writes it down, and it passes on.

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