Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Tomorrow I find out if I got into LSU or not. "Oh my god you shouldn't be nervous" I'm not nervous I'm just excited to be moving on with my life. Well when I started thinking about college I thought about how I've spent almost all of my life at St. Martin's. And I've just been thinking about our education. Well knowing that I had to blog today I started thinking about Ancient Greece and their education system. So I found a website "Ancient Greece for Kids" and I read a bit about their education. Every citizen of Athens was educated. But as we know the citizens of Athens only consisted of men. The only education girls got was how to cook and clean. Well I also searched a little further into this and found another website, "History for Kids," (don't even ask why only children websites pop up on my phone) and what they said interested me. This site said, " There were two kinds of education in Greece. Formal: this was done in a school or was provided by a private tutor. (Alexander the Great’s private tutor was Aristotle!) Informal: this was usually done in the home, by an unpaid teacher, sometimes a slave.
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Belin Manalle said...
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Belin Manalle said...

This post makes me wonder what all of the Greek children in that time learned about. It's weird to think that we are currently learning about their culture and education, so whose culture and education were they studying? It's even weirder to think of the fact that maybe one day, people will be studying our education and culture! I personally don't see anything extremely interesting about our everyday life. I guess in the future culture and society will be so different that our current American life would actually be worth learning about.