Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Emperor's New Groove

In order to cure Macondo from the insomnia plague Meliquides brings a potion to the town. This potion rids the people of their disillusionment and brings back their memory. Whenever I think of potion, I think of The Emperor's New Groove when Yzma turns Cuzco into a llama. In this movie the potion does the opposite of what it does in One Hundred Years of Solitude. Rather than helping to get rid of the confusion, it throws Cuzco into a period of bewilderment and abandonment. No one believes that a llama is actually the emperor. The reason Yzma even gives Cuzco this potion in the first place is to get rid of him in order to take his place as emperor. She, like the "invaders" in One Hundred Years, tries to manipulate a population of people for her own benefit. In the end of the movie Cuzco eventually finds his way back to his kingdom, and the clip below shows what happens when he returns (it's one of my favorite scenes). I think his struggle to change himself back into a human (he eventually does in case you didn't know) is really kind of representative of the struggle the Latin Americans face. They try and try to succeed, but they usually get no where and at times even make it worse for themselves.

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