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I thought it was interesting how even though we had been learning so much about Athens, we didnt really talk that much about their favorite god, whom they were named after, Athena. When speaking of Athens, I always think of Athena. Not just because their names sound alike, but also because of what she is known for. It seems that Athens really took the whole Athena thing to heart, and modeled themselves after her image. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage inspiration, and war. This lines up completely with what we know of Athens. They were very artisitic and intellectual, and that had a fantastic Navy, which is interesting because the story of Athena states that she won the write to name the city after her because she won a battle with Poseidon, god of the sea. And the Athenian people became like bullies over the sea, and stuff... It all lines up incredibly nicely. I feel that Athens was so cocky with Sparta cause they thought they were invincible with Athena on their side. I thought this was interesting and thought I would share. Also, it could help you remember the main ideas about Athens.

If your interested, many of the other cities we talked about also got their names from Athena:
"Athena is associated with Athens, a plural name, because it was the place where she presided over her sisterhood, the Athenai, in earliest times. Mycenae was the city where the Goddess was called Mykene, and Mycenae is named in the plural for the sisterhood of females who tended her there. At Thebes she was called Thebe, and the city again a plural, Thebae (or Thebes, where the ‘s’ is the plural formation). Similarly, at Athens she was called Athena, and the city Athenae (or Athens, again a plural).[5]" - 

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master123 said...

When I was younger, I was a Greek mythology freak, and of course my favorite Greek Goddess was Athena. Cheyenne, you mentioned how Athena and Poseidon battled over the city of Athens. I would like to share the full story, because it is one of my favorites. All city states need a patron deity. Athens was looking for a patron, Athens called upon Athena and Poseidon and both gods wanted to be the patron. Athens, wisely, suggested a contest and The rules were as follows, each god would offer a gift to the city and whom ever gave the better gift would get the city. Poseidon's gift was what is now called the Erekhtheis; he struck his trident to the ground and produced a spring, but when the people went to drink the water it was salty. the gift was lame to the eyes of the citizens. Athena was next and she over an olive tree, this give was much more useful then salty water because it offered food and oil, as well as wood. Athens was the obvious winner and, as you can tell, the city was named after her, like Cheyenne had mentioned.