Friday, September 11, 2015

Tangled Chains

Once again, something from class has reminded me of Disney. While I was thinking of all the different light associated sayings:

"im in the dark"
"shed some light on the situation"

I thought of the song from Tangled that goes "at last I see the light" and "all at once, everything looks different"this is a pretty accurate description of how the prisoner feels once he gets out of the cave. While afterward, Rapunzel gets to be a princess and marry her true love, while the poor prisoner has to go right back into his prison to try and help others out. Not really a fair deal. Rapunzel achieves eternal happiness and enlightenment (wow maybe rapunzel is actually dead and has joined The Good) while the prisoner is doomed to be a philosopher.

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master123 said...

I thought it was funny when you said "domed to be a philosopher" because the profession, at least in my eyes, is a dreary one. From the two philosophies the class has explored are Nietzsches and Platos. Both philosophies touch the subject on how human life could be fulfilled. Nietzsches states that humans can never live a full life because humans live by a linear path, meaning humans have no purpose to their lives. Plato thought that the only way for life to be purposeful is for the individual to learn what is truly real. Reality does not come from ones own sense but from intellectual findings, but people do not trust the findings and reject them. Both philosophies make human life seem not worth enduring because it is fruitless. So, Cheyenne, your sentence made me giggle.