Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Early Macondo

"In the Beginning," (allusion!) Macondo has numerous similiarities with Eden.

  • no death
  • no government
  • no war or rivalries
  • no children
  • no real knowledge
  • equal opportunity for all civilians (communist-like)
  • limited families, very young citizens, few- if any- children
However, when the Buendia Family starts to modernize the area, their previous Utopia starts to diminish. Jose Arcadio Buendia, who one would consider either God or Adam, depending on a viewpoint, unintentionally introduces his people to the gypsies. When they first arrive, they bring:
  • games of chance
  • magical elements such as flying carpets
  • prostitution
  • knowledge of the outside world
  • alchemy
Jose Arcadio Buendia, obsessed with Melquiades, starts to become consumed with knowledge and power. We debated the other day in class whether JAB was truly power-hungry or knowledge-hungry. I consider him knowledge driven. He wants to preserve Macondo in any way possible, as a benevolent dictator or even a God would. He is obsessed with alchemy and the stories and information that Melquiades provides him with so he in turn can present that to the people of Macondo. He intends to advance Macondo in knowledge and exposure to the outside world. His creation and preservation of Macondo easily compares JAB to a God.

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