Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The comment Jack made about the people of Macondo being subjugated got me thinking about how true this statement could be. From what Marquez provides us with, we know that people welcome Melquiades and his inventions with open arms. However, it is true that in a real situation like this that took place during times of exploration, whenever explorers invaded, there were some people who were excited for change while others opposed it. Melquiades and the gypsies bring these gadgets to Macondo, changing the community politically, scientifically, and technologically. Some people in Macondo might not have wanted all of these inventions or changes, but they had to go along with it because that was what was popularly accepted. While they were not exactly forced to accept the inventions, not embracing them would cause them to be stuck in the past since Macondo progresses along linearly with technology. This is similar to when the Spanish colonizers, for example, came into Colombia and forced new ideas and ways of living on the people. Therefore, Melquiades could be seen as a Spanish explorer, although he was not oppressive, and we already know that the people of Macondo represent the people of Colombia.

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Jack Zheng said...

That's an interesting analogy. It's also important that a lot of the villagers seem to like Melquiades for his personality and he is rather close to the people of Macondo. But it is true that some find the gypsies and their tricks startling or useless, especially later on, when Melquiades dies and the new gypsies only bring gimmicks and not real advancements in technology.