Saturday, January 31, 2015

T.S. Eliot's Style

Before reading The Wasteland, I began to research about T.S Eliot and his writing style. I've found that critics generally organize literature into three genres: narrative, lyric, and drama. T.S. Eliot, however, didn't want his work to be categorized into a specific genre; therefore, The Wasteland can fit into all three genres. You can read it as a narrative piece, which this article defines as "a collection of quotations presented by the narrator." You can also read it as if included in the lyric genre, or "a nightmare viewed from the perspective of a single speaker." Finally, you can view it as if considered in the drama genre, or "a collection of voices, with no overarching consciousness holding them together." Either way, I think it's interesting how Eliot wrote in several different genres, and how he wanted the story to be interpreted in different ways.

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