Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quiz: What do your dreams mean?

I found the exercise that Mrs. Quinet had us perform on Thursday was uniquely ingenious because it made me think about King Cake more than I think I ever had before. I may have never dreamed about one, as far as I know anyway, and I may have not enjoyed it, mostly because I am not a fan of cream cheese, but I did end up feeling something while eating it that I did not realize until I arrived at my house. Since some of the class actually did dream of King Cake, and they immediately had some memory because of eating the sweet, it made me wonder if any of my dreams had any significance. Long story short, I found this quiz on buzzfeed on the topic and I found it fun.

Here is the quiz: It's only one question.

Comment about a dream you dreamt and what the quiz said about it, or even how it made you feel. I am interested to know everyones result.

I also found this short list of what certain types of dreams mean and the personalities of people who dream them that was interesting to read.

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Tiffany Tavassoli said...

Thanks for posting this short quiz but accurate quiz, Ross! I also think exploring the meaning of our dreams is really interesting and what they have to reveal. I took this short quiz, and I got that I'm a perfectionist, which I think is pretty accurate. Although I don't agree with everything that Freud says about dreams and about their meaning, I definitely do think his description of dreams as a "royal road to the unconscious." I think that dreams can often make us aware of things that we failed to recognize in ourselves before. I think this quick quiz you posted is proves that that is true, for I often have dreams of failing tests, and in 8th grade, I had a dream the night before my math exam, that my calculator stopped working in the middle of the exam, so I got up at 2 a.m. to check on my calculator, and it worked. I did change the batteries just to be sure though, so I do think that I can be perfectionist like this quiz says! I did some reading on Freud's theories of dreams, and it says how he distinguished dreams in two different ways: manifest content of a dream and latent content. The manifest content of a dream is based on daily events that happen to us, but the latent content is the symbolic meaning of the dream. I think that this is definitely true, as things in our lives that occur, become are dreams, which reveal something about ourselves.