Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Underground Man and Pangloss

While I was reading Notes from the Underground, I reflected on The Underground Man's first encounter with Liza. At first, he is intrigued by her presence and interest in him; however, he soon begins to attempt to "save" her by asserting his philosophies on her. After several paragraphs of useless philosophizing, Liza says, "It sounds just like a book." After this scene, I noticed correlations between Pangloss and the Underground Man's useless philosophizing. Do you think the Underground Man's assertions are necessary? Or do you think they fall in line with Pangloss, who frankly just asserts philosophies at ALL the wrong times. I want y'alls opinions. So, does the Underground Man make necessary philosophies? or useless, inopportune ones like Pangloss?

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