Saturday, January 24, 2015

Late night ramblings

Of course between my youtube, netflix, hulu binges, my brain actually decides to turn on. I was thinking about the comic strip that Iris posted and well, I've been thinking about bugs a lot lately. (In pops the post I made oh about 2 hours ago.) At this time of night I usually get really philosophical with my mug of tea and incense burning, but in all seriousness I thought about butterflies. Now if anyone in our class thinks about butterflies they think about these cute creatures that float gently through the air. To me they are awful spine tingling abominations that must be stopped. (Exhibit A is Bonnie's post of Wormy.) But in all actuality if Gregor had gotten transformed into a butterfly, would his family have treated him the same way? Would they have thought of him as a vile creature they should hide? Or would he be like Joseph and the Technicolor Coat with wings for all to see and revel in his bright designs?

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