Saturday, January 10, 2015

Invent Fire. Reject conformity

So guys, I as thinking about writing a post about defying typical constructions, just like Dostoevsky tried to reject the government of his time. Notable authors who have done similar things to the English language include James Joyce (again, check out the last 40 pages of Ulysses). I did like Ulysses but found that the sentences ran on and on and wow Alex is wearing a beanie today He won't take it off, says his hair looks weird, but why worry about looks in the loooooonnnng run right? we should focus more on intellect and augmenting our aptitudes to the extent at which the totality of education possessed by our academic prowess exceeds that of our peers just like the Underground man said  What are aesthetics in the long run why do we care about them so deeply Answer me that Though then again why does intellect matter  in fact what matters at all.. why use punctuation if it doesn't help us survive  and who the hell organized the alphabet  must b always follow a   or can I arrange the alphabet to cater more to my individuality like acdjskfhgriqoxzmn et cetera et cetera or would that bother people like me and Iris.. a precedes b only in our world because we are spoon fed conformity by our pre-K teachers Maybe I'll teach the children that c follows a and independent clauses end in commas,   what if we consider the primary goal of life to survive that's reasonable right    so then we haven't had much human achievement after the invention of fire  and all intelligentsia are full of it  now with that conviction held in mind we must by necessity sluff of the pagedy hoompty doompy of the bourgeoisie and run nekid to the woods to make more fire then we will succeed as people and find place in nature  to that I quote Mrs. Bloom "Yes I say yes I will yes"

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