Monday, January 19, 2015

Synesthesia Awareness and My Personal Personifications

I proudly tell the world: I have Synesthesia! Am I dying? No? Am I sick? I feel fine. What's going on? I have a common neurological phenomenon. I specifically have ordinal linguistic personification. Basically I assign gender to colors, numbers, letters, days of the week, and months. The most interesting part about synesthesia is that it's not the same in those affected. Some people see Monday as red, while others feel Monday to be blue.
For me specifically:

1- boy
2- girl
3- girl
4- boy
5- boy
6- boy
7- girl
8- boy
9- boy
0- genderless really
If an number ends with a zero, the gender is determined by the first digit (2450 is a girl). For decimals it is determined by the first digit as well. For multi-digit whole numbers not ending in 0, the last number determines the gender.

a- girl
b- boy
c- girl
d- boy
e- boy
f- boy
g- boy
h- boy
i- boy
j- boy
k- boy
l- boy
m- girl
n- girl
o- boy
p- girl
q- boy
r- boy
s- girl
t- boy
u- girl
v- girl
w- girl
x- boy
y- girl
z- girl

When I fill out Scantron, I ALWAYS see a and b as a couple and c and d as a couple. E is the awkward fifth wheel. I used to be consumed by the letters and coming up with back stories (like a is cheating on b with c so now d is mad and b is sad...) and it was distracting, so now I only fill out scantron at the end so I can focus.

Monday- girl
Tuesday- boy
Wednesday- girl
Thursday- boy
Friday- boy
Saturday- girl
Sunday- girl
Something funny I just noticed, the genders correlate to their first letter, and as I'm reading this sentence, the same is true for words I suppose, but I'm sure there are exceptions.
The same is true of months, with the exception of August, which I see as a boy.

Red- girl
Blue- boy
Yellow- girl
Green- boy
Orange- girl
Purple- girl
Pink- girl
Brown- boy
Black- boy
White- boy
White and Orange are more exceptions to my "first letter" theory

Again, not everyone assigns the same genders to the same objects.
I wonder if you guys have Synesthesia? If so what do you agree and disagree with?


Iris Mire said...

Personally I find "0" to be quite sonic and, as such, female in nature. Also, it's really interesting that if you line up your male and female colors on a color wheel, it is almost a half and half split down the middle. You have all warm colors plus purple as female and most cool colors and neutrals as male. I don't get why these seem male or female to you but I thought it was an interesting correlation. Like yin and yang.

Sri Korrapati said...
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