Saturday, January 10, 2015

Steve Jobs vs. Big Brother

In 1984 Big Brother is working to stop individuality. They restrict the people living in Oceania on what they say, read, eat, and wear. Everyone basically goes along with it. For those that choose not to conform, they can expect the thought police to take them away and never be seen again. This reminds me of our discussion on individuality. I believe one can not restrict consciousness and require people to think exactly alike because our society will cease to grow and ideas will cease to flow. During the 1984 SuperBowl Apple created an ad based on the ideas of 1984. I think that it is a good representation of breaking out of the restrictions that society places.


Sri Korrapati said...

But now it's kind of the opposite huh? Apple has become the norm. You DEFINITELY don't see apple making ads like that anymore. But again is it bad to all have iPhone? What's wrong with that? Our iPhones aren't the same. Mine's big and gold, some are small and white, there are medium black ones. Custimization is avaliable. Actually, I would argue that everyone should have iPhones because they are the best. If Iris had an iPhone our group texts could have names. If we all had iPhones you wouldn't see nasty green text bubbles anymore, just beautiful blue ones. If we all had iPhones everyone could share using Airdrop. The iPhones would work better with other Apple products too. Big Brother was an extreme, but we should be so afraid that we jump to its polar extreme.

Ross said...

It's this kind of thing that reminds me so much of the events that took place in The Unbearable Lightness of Being, where everything was monitored and restricted. In the 1984 situation, I guess you could call Steve Jobs the inciter of a rebellion of sorts against the prevailing software at the time, even though it was a marketing ploy. Also, I really like this commercial. Nice pick Breuna!