Saturday, January 17, 2015

Photorealism, what's it all about?

Earlier this week, Mrs. Quinet brought up an exhibit at NOMA about photorealism. Photorealism is defined as"a genre of art that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic mediums, in which an artist studies a photograph and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in another medium."Basically, it''s a painting that looks like a picture. It's really really REALLY cool. The exhibit at NOMA is outstanding, and you honestly can't believe the images aren't photographs. I loved the exhibit so much, I wanted to post some of the images here. Enjoy, and go see more at NOMA! It's on view until January 25th.

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Ross said...

I love how this type of art looks so close to its subjects in real life. In fact, I think I appreciate it even more because I know I will never be able to do it. I looked a video on how some artists create these images and I must say that these artists have some kind of superhuman patience. I felt this video, and the channel, did a good job of showing how the art can be created.

My favorite part is when she does the eyes because one second they are just yellow circles and then BAM! you got real eyes.