Saturday, November 28, 2015


Right now, my mother and I have been caught in a marathon of the show on Netflix called "Reign." It centers around Mary queen of Scots and the drama surrounding her reign. Her husband, Francis, his mother is Catherine de Medici - of the Medici family we have heard so much about while studying the ninja turtle artists. In the show, the family is recognized as the funders of the art community, but they also use it as a secret organization of spies to know what's going on with the other royals. I found that extremely interesting and made me start to wonder if the artists we spoke of really knew all of the gossip of the different families and whether or not they were caught up in it or maybe even inspired by it. Another thing I thought of is that the show portrays king Henry as super mean and ends up going insane -I wonder if he was truly mad and if Catherine de Medici was truly as terrible as this show makes her out to be- the show has been a pretty good help for the history and people of power surrounding and inspiring these artists, but I wonder how much is accurate, and I hope that they will bring in one of the artists that we've spoken about.

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