Thursday, November 19, 2015

Odd Couple

Although I know most of you did not go see Odd Couple, but our discussion today reminded me of my character Florence. We talked today about how dependent women are on men for various reasons and how that has carried over into today. In the play, Florence wants to commit suicide because she broke up with her husband. It's crazy how she wants to throw her whole life away just because she lost her man. Imagine how it would have been for women of the Medieval times if that were to have happened to them. They would not be able to remarry because men only want virgins. They would be alone forever. On the other hand, Florence, although she thinks she will never find anyone else, ends up getting two hot spanish guys. Like seriously, quit whining you got a really good deal. However, Florence is also really broken up because she has two children with her husband and she explains that being a mother has been the best thing that has ever happened to her life. This reminded me how women were only worth something if they had children  in the Renaissance and Medieval periods. For Florence, she feels that her worth is gone now that she cant raise her kids in a normal setting, but for people of that time, they would actually not be accepted as a woman fit to be married to and would be tossed aside if they did not have children. So Basically, Florence acts as a modern example of the old Medieval standards and values for women, especially since Florence prides herself on cooking and cleaning and raising children, as would be the only tasks of those women during that period, The play even have a line that says "If only Florence was alive 200 years ago, she would be appreciated in that world."

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