Saturday, November 28, 2015

More information on David, for all you Michelangelo buffs

The research that I did on Michelangelo's David sparked more interest in the piece that I had previously had. This is excess information that I had and couldn't fit into a brief presentation on my favorite piece of renaissance art. Like said before, David is a marble statue approximately 18 feet tall and six tons. It was completed and 1504 and placed in the public square outside of the Palazzo Della Singnoria, and later moved to an art gallery in Florence. Something that I really couldn't get into too in depth on during my presentation was the original project from the Florence Cathedral. The overseers of the office of the Cathedral wanted to build 12 large Old Testament sculptures that would stand on the buttresses of the cathedral. In1410, Donatello started the project with sculptures of Joshua, the biblical character. Other artists also contributed to the project, Agostino di Ducco completed a statue of Hercules, and began to work on the David. After cutting out the shape of a man, he passed the project to Antonio Rossellino. After Rossellino's time cutting the statue, the project as a whole was abandoned. Michelangelo resumed the statue of David, solely because no one wanted to see a giant piece of marble go to waste. The original idea for Florence Cathedral was something that I found very interesting and wasn't able to share during my presentation. I just wanted to give a little more background info rather than just reading off artist names who contributed.

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