Friday, November 6, 2015

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Yesterday, when we discussed the incestuous relationship between Hamlet's mother and Claudius, it made me think of an episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" that I recently watched. Obviously, it is an extremely parodied version but it is a very similar situation to the one of Claudius and Gertrude. In this particular episode, Frank tells his two kids and their friends (in their 20's) that they are going to a barbecue. He actually takes them to their uncle's funeral where he proceeds to try to get with his ex-sister in law aka the kids' aunt. His motives for doing this are in a way, out of revenge. He says that since the aunt and her sister (Frank's ex-wive) hated each other and since Frank and the sister-in-law's husband hated each other, that they should get back at them. Although it is obviously a much more modern and ridiculous situation but I immediately thought of this episode during our discussion. In the episode, the dad tries to get with the aunt and in "Hamlet", the uncle tries to get with (and succeeds) Hamlet's mom.

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It is funny you brought up this point. I was thinking about another It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when the brother and sister, Dee and Dennis act out a play that their friend Charlie wrote. This play is about a woman, Dee, who is in love with a young man, Dennis. Even though in the play there is no incest I thought it was funny that Dee and Dennis had to be in love in the play. I don't know why but when you said incest that is immediately what i thought about even though they are only pretending in the play. it is still weird that in the play an old woman is involve with a little boy.